Our Craft

Fade-in: A notebook on the shiny table waiting to be read.

Let us turn your ideas into epic tales, together! 

Television Commercials

Do you remember a time when TV Ads had a story, which was sometimes even more interesting than a movie plot? From the humourous Ads that left us giggling to the heartwarming Ads that left us in deep thought, it was all like magic on TV.
WE Media draws its inspiration from these iconic Ads. With memorable commercials, we want to capture the narrative of your brand and leave your audience with a thought.

Branded Content

Have you ever watched a commercial that struck a cord in your heart? Or a brand video that felt like it was your story? That is the power of branded content. From videos that make you want to conquer your fears to tunes that warm your soul, we weave stories where your brand becomes the hero, and the audience becomes the protagonist. Let’s make your brand more than a product, let’s make your brand a memory to cherish.


We solemnly swear to capture the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth with every docuseries we create. From the makings of a hero to the unravelling of a serial killer, our docuseries peel the reality layer by layer revealing the most intimate details of an untold tale. Leave your audience jolted with realities that are more gripping than fiction!

Explainer videos

The process is always more interesting than the product. There is always a special charm behind ‘How it’s made’. And if done right, it draws the audience like a moth to flame. That is exactly what we want to do. We want to shuffle the sea of information to get those pearls of digestible insights which your audience can savour. Our explainer videos make the complex seem simple and the abstract feel tangible.

Brand Integration

Have you ever thought about why James Bond always travels in that one signature car? Or how Converse All-Stars have practically become synonymous with coming-of-age? Because these brands have been knitted into the heart and soul of entertainment. Be it TV shows, movies, or video games, these brands feel like old friends we grew up with. For us brand integration is not about pushing a product, it is about making your brand part of the pop culture!
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