Our Craft

Capturing the candid in every frame 

Let the message in your story resound, loud and clear!


This world is one son et lumière show. It’s full of stories walking around. Everyone has a story to tell, and everyone has a ready pair of ears. More often than not, the message in the story stays untold or half-told. That’s because some fall short of words, some become verbose, and a few others may just be inaudible or mere cacophonies. The moral of the story is, that if we are not precise and concise, we miss out on the premise and the device, which are the backbone and the lifeblood of any communication campaign. That’s where we step in. Or should we say WE steps in? Our storytellers carry your story such that they live happily ever after.


This world is one big box full of Ideas. The birth of every idea has a gestation period right from the time it’s conceived to the time it’s delivered. While the baby shall always remain yours, we can come in to initially play the role of a midwife, and then a babysitter. We provide your baby with two vital nutrients crucial for its overall growth: content and audience. How? By nurturing ideas, outside the box. Yes, avant-garde!


This world is more of “hows” than “what’s”. The What stands tall only when the answer to The How holds it aloft. You are probably an awesome brand. But unless and until you are seen as awesome, you’re not. That’s where we walk in and become your transition bridge. WE claims to know the know-how behind this tool called How!

Be it your TV commercial, Branded Content film, Corporate film… or a multilingual 360° integrated campaign… we shall deliver – with affectivity, responsibility, and accountability. The trifecta factor. At WE Media, WE see what YOU see.

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